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The Tabernacle of Praise Ministries was founded in 1995 by Apostle Lee A. Henderson Sr. and First Lady Mona Henderson. The ministry began at the YWCA with a handful of believers. God placed the purpose and vision in Apostle Henderson to build a place, raise up a people that transcend the many differences that often hinder the progression of the church. In January 2013, God made provision for Tabernacle of Praise to relocate to a larger facility in preparation for the harvest that was on its way. Tabernacle of Praise is on a mission to grow and advance the kingdom of God by rising to a new level of excellence in every area of life: spiritual, emotion, physical, mental, financial, etc. (from TOP church bulletin) God spoke to me through the Holy Spirit and said, ‘I have anointed and appointed you for a special assignment in my kingdom.” For so long my church has been divided by man-made reasons: church differences; traditional beliefs; and different forms of ministries. God placed the vision in Apostle Henderson to create a place where people can come and experience the peace and liberty of God. This is not to exclude who God is, but to teach and preach his holiness and order for his people. Through the wonderful power of God and his love, I foresee the good problem of not having enough room to house all God’s people. God also showed me that this ministry would be a training center for ministers; men and women of integrity apt to teach and preach the gospel in the ‘Spirit of Excellence.”

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